Our Manufacturer Envirolyte Industries International Ltd is based in Estonia, they have developed a unique group of companies which is focussed on industries where disinfection, water purification and sterilisation are essential.


The roots of the group have developed through support and application of earlier technology including Electrolysed Water (EW, EOW, ECA or EO, also known as electrolysed oxidising water, electro chemically activated water or ionised water solution) in its earliest form.


They have brought to the above industries their earlier experiences, which have enabled them to deliver better applications for Electrolysed Water technology to a wide array of industrial and domestic problems on a larger scale. This gives them a strong technical edge over the competition and allows them to build a broad range of support services on a national and international basis.


Together with dedicated specialist companies they have built channels in to the marketplace, which allows them to service clients in large major corporate companies, right through to the smallest domestic household, by offering advice on all aspects of water purification, sterilisation and disinfection techniques.



There is no such thing as new water, what is on our planet is all we have, so we should never take it for granted, it is a limited resource that plays a major part in our daily lives, without it we will not exist.


Typically we open a tap to fill the kettle, or wash our hands after flushing the loo, you might have a shower or a bath after which the water contains soap, dirt, bacteria, skin debris and more, which has to be disposed of in to the drainage system and soil pipe.


So the sewage recycling journey begins, the soiled water makes it's way to a treatment plant, to be filtered, cleaned and disinfected before being returned to the sea or a river. This allows the recycling process of the water to start over again. 

Water companies may draw water from bore holes, rivers or storage reservoirs, where nature via rainwater has provided the resource. Wherever water has come from or is going to be used,  it may harbour bacteria or microorganisms that must be effectively treated by either filtration and disinfection, before it can enter the distribution network, as a wholesome potable supply.


Water must always be made safe to drink, bathe in or use at leisure facilities, whilst being of a suitable quality for use within the home, workplace, restaurants and fast food facilities that we use, this includes any processes used within the food supply chain environments. Within any of the above it is essential that good disinfection is provided to the hot and cold water supplies.



UK Water treatment companies, chemical suppliers and ACOP L8 service providers do not like our type of Electrolysed Water product because it provides an ongoing and seamless disinfection process of water systems.


We simplify the disinfection of water systems and how they are treated & maintained.


Any water treatment company that has to reduce the use of chemicals that it supplies to its customers, will see a downturn on the use of their workforce and a drop in their sales revenue, for these reasons they are usually opposed to the use of our product.


With an Envirolyte Machine and Disinfection Dosing system in place, the running costs are very low, making it a more cost effective option for building owners or end users.


Yes, a Capital investment or a Lease purchasing plan might be required to buy our equipment, but once a cost comparison analysis is reviewed against your existing water treatment costs, the future cost savings and the ROI can be projected.


We are confident that if you purchase an Envirolyte Disinfection System, you will see it as an attractive financial investment, that will provide you with years of consistent and reliable service, at a very low and cost effective running cost?


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