Envirolyte® & Envirolyte ECO® are registered trademarks for Envirolyte products designed and             developed for the synthesis of washing, disinfecting, sterilising and biologically active solutions.      

The applications for this technology are infinite and include any process requiring sterilisation, disinfecting or water purification. 


                         Our new CIP Models produce both Anolyte & Catholyte simultaneously or                          separately on demand.


The environmental and ecological benefits only in terms of reduction in the usage of traditional chemicals is one of the prime factors, for the use of Envirolyte and ECO units for water purification and the agricultural industry, right through to all the major industries with waste water and water processing problems.



The ELA Models will produce 20 to 4000 Litres per Hour of Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) which we call Anolyte ANK.


It is our next step for development of automated machines to match the needs of our customer's, for the generation of Anolyte ANK activated solutions.


At the touch of a button on the PLC on all models can produce 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 ppm of HOCL, while a usable amount of Catholyte is manually set to produce to the desired pH of the HOCL.


The PLC Automation includes easy operating procedures & Diagnostics to provide rapid HOCL delivery.


The strength of the active HOCL concentration is achieved by controlling the volume of brine to provide the cell current for the required ppm. 






This range of ELA Models will also produce 20 to 4000 Litres per Hour, and retains all the residual parameters offered within the Standard Model.


 We can now automate the pH setting of the HOCL, to do this additional equipment has been fitted that regulates the amount of Catholyte being produced.


An upgraded HMI PLC with a colour touchscreen display & graphics will allow easier operating procedures, the pH can be easily set by the user.


Some machines will have two enclosures to house the equipment.





The ELA-.....ANW Models will produce 20 to 6000 Litres per Hour of Anolyte ANK while using less salt and energy.


About 1,5 grams of NaCL and ~ 4 Watts of energy are required to generate 1 Litre of Anolyte at 500 ppm of Free Available Chlorine.


This is 5 and 2,5 times less than the standard ELA machines.


Lower salt and energy consumption is critical for markets like municipal water treatment, healthcare & industrial applications where a high level of sanitation is required.


Some applications require low or no salt residue, where the risk of corrosion is critical. The chloride content in the treated water must be reduced to a minimum, e.g. cooling water & tower disinfection.



CG - Catholyte Generators


The CG series of Catholyte Generators are designed to produce Catholyte on site & on demand from an NaCL brine solution at a NaOH concentration ranging from 1 to 8 Grams per litre @ Ph of 11.5 to 3.5.


This Green, Safe non-foaming fluid is ideal for pH adjustment of other liquids or washing & cleaning operations. Used for the precipitation of heavy metals and organic matter during water purification, and for the extraction of essential oils and bio-stimulation procedures.


The low production cost of Catholyte is an efficient & environmentally friendly alternative to off the shelf chemical detergents. Used in a multitude of different applications particularly in CIP, food processing, horticulture, green houses, kitchens and the hospitality businesses.





The ELA-.....HD Models can produce an active chlorine concentration of Anolyte ANK between 1000 to 6000+ ppm while using less salt and energy.


About 3,0 g of  Salt NaCL and ~ 4,3 W of energy are required to generate 1 Gram of Free Available Chlorine, which is 5 & 3 times less than we require to use our standard ELA range of machines.


Each machine can be designed to match the customers specification or requirements.



Sea Water Generator 


The Sea Water Models use the salt in the water as the feed brine for the activated (disinfecting and washing) solutions, has always been a challenge to develop.


This model eliminates the need for using a mains water supply and for the preparation of a brine solution, which makes it even simpler and more cost effective to use.


Locations off shore or on board shipping vessels or for aquaculture applications or wherever there is a need for disinfection, sterilisation and water purification can be achieved.


The sea water chemistry is predominantly a sodium chloride solution, accompanied by some other salts. This concentration is sufficient to generate the volume of active chlorine to produce Anolyte ANK.



Cleaning in Place (CIP) Generator Applications

Food Processing, Breweries & Beverage Production


Pipe work systems for food or fluid production use CIP as a the standard method of washing and disinfecting hard to reach areas. This water processing can be far more cost effective and efficient by using Anolyte and Catholyte, our Electrolysed Water (EW) liquids. They are suitable for a number of hygiene applications to remove unwanted residues that can contain bacteria and microorganisms, from the contact surfaces of the food and beverage process equipment or pipe work. 


There are numerous applications where you can use Anolyte for disinfection and Catholyte as a washing fluid,  so the generators which are capable of producing these liquids simultaneously or seperately on demand, are now available to meet your own design criteria.

Envirolyte CIP generators are ideally suited to the market applications for hospitality (hotels, schools, government facilities, military bases, prisons, cruise ships, janitorial services, etc.).


The generators are easy to install, operate and maintain and are the ideal solution where safety and cost saving are required.


The Envirolyte CIP range of anolyte/catholyte generators was developed in cooperation with our partners for the food processing and beverage market, we now have a low salt generator configuration available.      


The generators are a significant step forward in Anolyte & Catholyte production technology and are characterised by the following:


  • Minimal Maintenance
  • State of the art reactor cell technology, with a prolonged operational life improving the generator performance dramatically.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • On demand solutions simultaneously or seperately
  • Highly effective eco-friendly ECA solutions
  • Anolyte 500ppm FAC @ pH 6,5
  • Catholyte 1000ppm NaOH @ pH >12
  • Separated Anolyte and Catholyte reactor cell technology
  • Less complicated
  • Extremely low waste generation, less than 0,5% of device capacity
  • Easy anolyte production with a generator that is factory set to customers needs and specification
  • Simplified installation and operation
  • High quality components, European standards
  • Low Salt / Chloride technology that protects our customer’s corrosion concerns.
  • 28 – 34 ppm of Chlorides in final CIP solutions plus Chlorides of CIP makeup water
  • Easy to use interface, ensures that the solutions are within their specified parameters to produce consistent quality Anolyte and Catholyte.
  • Equipped with remote monitoring for peace of mind. (GSM or Ethernet)


Although these CIP generators were designed with the beverage market in mind, they can be used in any situation where both Anolyte and Catholyte solutions are required for effective cleaning and sanitising operations.



ECO units are designed for purifying potable water that doesn's meet the WHO (World Health Organisation) health standards.


They have undergone independent medical-biological testing, confirming that even extreme levels of bacteria and viruses found in water are destroyed, as well as organic compounds (including phenols).


Heavy metal content is also reduced to European safety standards, so pleasant-tasting potable water is produced that retains most of the beneficial mineral content.








The Output capacity of the cells is indicated in terms of Anolyte ANK, for our Neutral pH liquid at a strength of 500 ppm of active chlorine concentration.


Cell configurations are optimised to provide CG & HD Models with the appropriate strengths for the require liquid solutions.







Demonstration Model


This Portable unit is designed to enable Envirolyte distributors / dealers to introduce ECA technology and produce activated solutions Acidic Anolyte and Catholyte or  Neutral pH Anolyte ANK- at customers offices / premises / trade fairs / exhibitions or at any other location.


The Portable unit is very easy to operate and it requires only mains power (220 or 110 VAC) and a few litres of prepared brine solution to start presentation.





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