Implementing the use of our Anolyte ANK & Catholyte within Cleanroom or Pharmaceutical environments for the cleaning & disinfection of hard surfaces like worktops, floors, walls, glass, ceilings & other equipment can only enhance the housekeeping methods.


These areas require cleaning, sterilisation or disinfection to remove any contamination so that any buildup of residues or Bioburden are removed to provide a clean & bacterially free environment.


Our ELA ANW machines can provide Anolyte ANK (AANK) as a low salt liquid with only 1.5 grams of salt being present in 1 litre of the AANK at 500 ppm. When diluted to suit the cleaning & disinfection work, this ensures that there is minimal or no residue left during the required housekeeping tasks.



Envirolyte Liquid Products will provide the following:


Disinfect water supplies


Can be used as a Hand Sanitiser


Will remove Surface Biofilms or Bioburden


Can Clean & Disinfect Surfaces, walls, floors, glass & ceilings


Can be fogged into the air to reach areas that are not easily accessible to ensure disinfection



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