Swimming Pool Chemical Replacement


Anolyte ANK is our Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) disinfection liquid, it possesses a far superior efficacy & efficiency over  Sodium & Calcium Hypochlorite Chemicals 


As a pool operator are you worried about the increasing costs of your bulk chemical delivery, and whether it will all arrive or be short shipped, due to supply chain issues


Avoid these worries by purchasing an Envirolyte generator that will be sized to meet your pool requirements. A generator would be installed within the swimming pool plantroom, and they can produce a range of HOCL concentrations from 500 to 6,000+ ppm.


Only a BS EN 973 salt delivery is required to allow our generators to make the HOCL.


The operating costs to produce HOCL are subject to the salt & electricity prices, using current prices to produce 1,000 litres of HOCL at 2,000 ppm will cost circa £10. Compare this price to your current chemical supply costs to see that on site production of HOCL will be better value for money.


Anolyte ANK is a SAFE but powerful green, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fully   biodegradable disinfection liquid.       


Disinfecting a swimming pool with HOCL will destroy the following


  Cryptosporidium - Viruses - Pathogens - Microorganisms - Bacteria - Spores - Fungi - Biofilm



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