Benefits of Anolyte ANK for Prevention & Disinfection


As a powerful green, safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable product for water systems and surface disinfection, it is a very cost effective to produce.


An on site in-situ Envirolyte machine can make 1000 litres of Anolyte ANK for about £5, this low production price challenges the cost of other disinfection chemicals that are currently being used?


 When dosed in to water systems it will remove and prevent all of the following;


Biofilm Colonies - Lime Scale & Mineral deposits - Pathogens - Microorganisms - Bacteria - Spores - Fungi


By eradicating and removing Biofilm and Scale it significantly reduces the hiding places for microorganisms to reside in, therefore continual disinfection becomes easier and more consistent.


Biofilm eats the internal surfaces of pipe work & system components causing Microbial Induced Corrosion (MIC), removing Biofilm prevents MIC, therefore premature pipe work failure is prevented.



Our Anolyte ANK product can treat all types of cold water supplies that come from bore holes or cold water mains distribution or supply networks.


Preventing and eradicating Legionella pneumophilia, Pseudonomas aeruginosa or any other Pathogens, Microorganisms that can affect humans or animals is our goal.


We are able to provide protection for hot and cold water systems in multi occupancy buildings such as hotels, hospitals, hostels, schools, military establishments, nursing homes and commercial office blocks, farms and food processing factories.



Water is used in many types of commercial buildings or in production facilities for food processing or engineering production processes.


In HVAC applications where water is evaporated at raised temperatures on items like Cooling Towers or at lower temperatures on adiabatic cooling systems, disinfection must be maintained,


So whatever type of water application you might be using, consistent disinfection will be required.


Anolyte ANK and the associated dosing system can provide the exact disinfection protocol you will need.





Where surfaces need to have soil or protein removed so a cleaning and disinfection process can be carried out, then the Envirolyte products Anolyte ANK and Catholyte can be combined to provide the answer.


Using a two stage liquid process will provide a suitably cleaned and disinfected surface.


Catholyte is a byproduct produced by our standard machines or it can be produced by our Catholyte generator range of machines.


It is a user friendly Sodium Hydroxide liquid that can remove biofilms, dirt and soil from surfaces.




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