Envirolyte products can provide disinfection & sterilisation capabilities at a very low cost.   


The UK has yet to fully embrace the use of Electrolysed Water (EW) within the Healthcare sector, whereas several countries around the world have been embracing the benefits it can provide, for many years.


EW is used to treat patients wounds, burns, ulcers and to eradicate and prevent Superbugs or Pseudomonas, both of which can cause HCAIs and Secondary Infections, which are already a major cause of concern.


The uses of where our technology can be implemented are numerous within the Healthcare sector, they include water systems or surfaces that require cleaning, sterilisation or disinfection.


The prevention of bacterial issues on surfaces is an area where Envirolyte products are a cost effective prevention tool, provided no other insitu Antimicrobial prevention like silver is built in to the surfaces. Even if it is, by using our machines you will enhance the disinfection and help to provide consistent long term protection of the patients.

Healthcare Equipment or Systems


Disinfection or Sterilisation of the following;


Hot & Cold water pipe work supplies


Swimming, Treatment or Therapy pools


All surfaces, floors & walls


Patient beds or lockers


Hot & Cold taps


Shower heads


Sink & drainage outlets


Janitorial equipment

Healthcare Protection of Patients


Disinfection or Sterilisation for the following;


Patients wounds


Spillages of blood or bodily fluids


Legionella Pneumophilia


Pseudomonas Auerignosa


Superbugs like MRSA


HAI's / secondary infections


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