Envirolyte products are designed for disinfecting using an electrically actived chlorine solution.      


Applications where our technology can be implemented in livestock farming include drinking water systems, surfaces or bio-security that will require cleaning or disinfection.


The prevention of diseases like Avian Flu for poultry or other flocks, or to prevent other diseases that can affect all farmed animals, is an area where Envirolyte products are a cost effective prevention tool,


Using one of our machines can prevent poultry farmers having to cull their flocks, and incurring the financial impact of       having to do this, which  can be devastating.

      The cost of implementing one of one machines, with a dosing and fogging system, will provide long term protection of all the animals you will be rearing, so it makes sound financial sense to protect your investment.



Envirolyte Products will provide the following:


Enhance the health & welfare of the animals


Disinfect Drinking water supplies


Remove Surface or Waterborne Biofilms


Clean & Disinfect Surfaces, floors & walls


Clean & Disinfect Nipple feeders


Clean & Disinfect Farm Equipment


Clean & Disinfect Protective Workwear


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