There have been reported incidents of UK dental patients contracting bacterial infection issues after having had treatment, one of these has been Sepsis. So to help prevent these infection scenarios from occuring, our Anolyte ANK Disinfectant can be the best Prevention Tool available to the Dental Market.


Envirolyte products are used to provide disinfection & sterilisation on all Dental Water Lines, Reverse Osmosis Units, Instruments and work surfaces within Dental Practice Environments.   


At Envirolyte ECA UK we have devised a set of cleaning & disinfection procedures for Dental Water Lines that will initially eradicate Biofilm & Scale, then prevent them from reforming whilst providing residual disinfection to prevent & eradicate any Pathogens or Bacterial issues.


 These procedures will be implemented within the Dental sector and they will exceed the requirements of any current HTM standards.


Implementing our technology into the Dental sector will allow it to be used to cover many things, like water systems, hard & soft surfaces, medical instruments plus housekeeping duties. These are areas that will require cleaning, sterilisation or disinfection to achieve a clean & bacterially free environment to help protect the patients by preventing cross contamination issues.



Healthcare Equipment or Systems


Disinfection or Sterilisation of the following;


Hot & Cold water pipe work supplies


Swimming, Treatment or Therapy pools


All surfaces, floors & walls


Patient beds or lockers


Hot & Cold taps


Shower heads


Sink & drainage outlets


Janitorial equipment

Healthcare Protection of Patients


Disinfection or Sterilisation for the following;


Patients wounds


Spillages of blood or bodily fluids


Legionella Pneumophilia


Pseudomonas Auerignosa


Superbugs like MRSA


HAI's / secondary infections


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